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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 14th, 2020

3 Types of Social Media Influencers (And Why Are They Important In 2020)

Influencer marketing has taken over traditional marketing in terms of its effectiveness.?

People make purchase decisions based on recommendations of anyone having a positive influence on them.

The psychology that supports this consumer behavior lies in the “sense of belongingness”. This feeling comes after they adopt the choices of the people they trust.

In this article, I will show you three types of social media influencers that exist ?



Mega-influencers or Celebrity-influencers.?

But let’s first discuss the whole point of using influencer marketing as a promotional strategy.

Why Choose Influencers at all?

Social media influencers have a significant and consistent following to their accounts.?

Each follower takes a keen interest in influencer content (daily personal-life stories’ updates).

This storytelling aids humanizing businesses. The audience connects so emotionally to influencers that they easily trust them for their words and unbiased opinions.?

Marketers leverage this BANDWAGON EFFECT using influencers as a means of promoting their products.

Effective marketing results when it has its fair share of three key ingredients – established credibility, an empathetic connection, and an interactive community. Thankfully social media influencers have them all.?

Bottomline – It is an underutilized sales-boosting tool to reach markets that were “not-so-approachable” before. No geographical or physical barriers can come in the way of reaching out to your “potential-customers.”

Making or breaking a digital marketing campaign is based on the type of influencer you decide to collaborate with.?

Let’s... Read More

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